No on Measure A

No doubt you’ve received the slick ads and telemarketer calls from “Yes On A”, all paid for by the Beverly Hills developer who wants to make hundreds of millions of dollars off Poway’s open space.  These ads are filled with lies and deception about protecting Poway’s open space.  Here are the facts about Measure A and what it does:

  1. Measure A only deals with rezoning land from open space to residential condos (approximately 77 acres) and building condos (180 units to start, possibly hundreds of more non age-restricted units on the remaining newly rezoned land).
  2. There is nothing in the text of the measure about a redesigned golf course, new clubhouse, public facilities at Stoneridge, or anything about protecting any open space.
  3. All the amenities “promised” in the Yes on A fliers are in a private agreement between the Stoneridge golfers and the developer. This agreement is a private one and cannot and will not be enforced by the city of Poway or members of the public.
  4. Michael Schlesinger, the owner/developer, has a history of being litigious, double-dealing, and treating communities poorly (he’s the guy who dumped manure behind people’s houses in Escondido).

On election day, please be aware of the facts and make the right choice to really protect our open space.  Vote No On A.  Keep Poway as the City In The Country.